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Welcome, Dr Rajab

Moving around and not keeping still has almost been a way of life for me. There has always been an innate need and curiosity to see the world and live a million lives. Why do we have to be one person, and why do we have to commit to doing one thing for our whole life? Why should we stay still?

There is always a fear in people about moving: constant questions that engulf us. "What if no one likes me there?" "Will I make any friends?" "Will that job make me happy?" "Will I miss my family?" ... "Will I regret it?" The latter is the biggest of them all - the fear of regret. But wouldn't the biggest regret of all be not trying? Instead of asking those fear-mongering questions, why don't we embrace the unknown, identify the opportunities the move would bring, and remind ourselves that life truly begins outside our comfort zone? Something challenging can help show us how strong we truly are and how exciting it can be to create new routines and shape ourselves into a new environment.

Moving to different countries, new jobs, and new cultures is a beautiful thing to do. Crossing paths with humans in all these interesting places and the little bits of advice or guidance they provide makes it feel like they were always people we were meant to meet. We are all on a journey, trying to find an answer to a question we don’t even remember asking. At the same time, we are constantly gathering the answers that we never even knew we needed.

I wouldn’t say I am a confident person; quite the contrary, actually. However, I have constantly put myself into uncomfortable situations to challenge whatever is attempting to hold me back. Not once have I regretted it. I have been sad; I have questioned things I have done, and at times wondered whether the place I was in was where I wanted to be - but all those times and all those moments are important for self-reflection, growth, and development. You learn more about yourself when you ask those questions and feel all those emotions. It isn't easy, but I believe it is worth it. Don’t you want to see who you are capable of becoming?

When an opportunity arrives, I say seize it and see where it takes you. Embrace the unknown, explore new places, meet interesting people, and become the person who you were always meant to be. If it doesn't work out, don't be afraid to start again, and again. Make sure you take the time to reflect on your journey and the lives you have tried on. Watch your growth and applaud yourself for allowing yourself to grow. You are capable of being anything and everything you have wanted to be. Exploring the world is exploring yourself - welcome it with open arms. This is your life - live it.

Dr. N.Rajab, PhD.


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