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The Dream

On today's episode, I want to delve into the art of dreaming. It's a concept that I find inherently beautiful and captivating, yet one that is often accompanied by negative connotations and unwarranted criticism. Dreams serve as a magical realm where our aspirations and goals can manifest into reality. Unfortunately, in the harsh realm of reality, our ability to dream is often stifled by societal norms and expectations that discourage us from embracing our dreams. However, it is essential to recognize that every great achievement starts with a dream.

That's why today's guest is so amazing. They had a dream, one that was initially met with fear and criticism, but a dream nonetheless. They took the courageous leap to pursue it. I want to emphasize the significance of chasing dreams and showcase that it is a remarkable endeavor, even if the outcomes don't always align with our expectations. The journey itself is invaluable, as it offers profound lessons and personal growth. Personally, I am myself a dreamer, constantly allowing my mind to wander to extraordinary places—whether it's exploring different corners of the globe, envisioning alternative lives, or even venturing into the realm of otherworldly planets. However, like many of you, I have faced the negative criticism associated with being a dreamer, as if it were a flaw. But why should that be the case?

Together, let's challenge the societal narrative that diminishes the significance of dreaming. Let's embrace the power of our dreams and acknowledge their transformative potential. Dreams fuel our passion, ignite our creativity, and propel us toward uncharted territories. They inspire us to break free from limitations and seek fulfillment on our own terms. So, join me as we embark on this exploration of dreams, debunking the misconceptions and celebrating the remarkable individuals who have dared to dream. Together, we will cultivate a community where dreaming is cherished, encouraged, and celebrated as the driving force behind our pursuit of a fulfilling life.

Dreamers often encounter the most common response of being told to "get real" or "be realistic." But why should we let this negative response limit us before we even begin? After all, everything starts as a dream. Your life should be a dream. Where's the fun? Where's the imagination in just "being real"? And what's not real about dreaming? These comments often come from people close to us, and it may not be their intention to crush our dreams. They might just be trying to protect us. They only know the path they have followed, the pre-planned conveyor belt of life dictated by society. But deep down, is it truly their dream? I would bet money on it not being their true dream. They have been conditioned not to believe in dreams, and their attempts to discourage us may come from a place of fear of failure. Who knows?

And speaking of failure, why are we so scared of it? Furthermore, what even defines failure? So what if we don't achieve the desired result? Why is that automatically labeled as failure? Did we learn something from the experience? Can we try again armed with a new set of knowledge? Did we realize that maybe it's not meant for us? Where's the "failure" in that? If you ask me, that's still a win. In my life, there have been countless instances where someone could have said I failed. I couldn't even count them on my fingers and toes. But those would be someone else's judgments about my endeavors. However, I've learned so much on my journey, I've never given up, and I couldn't be more thrilled right now. So, how have I failed?

This podcast itself is a prime example of a dream come true. Here I am, six episodes in, engaging in conversations with amazing individuals, all while helping people. Just imagine if I hadn't dreamed of doing this. Without the dream, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to speak to all these inspiring individuals, with many more to come. I wouldn't have explored the UK with my beautiful partner. I wouldn't be a life coach, guiding and inspiring numerous individuals to find their passion every day and develop plans for their own journeys. I wouldn't have taken up snowboarding at 27 or surfing at 33. I could go on and on about all the things I wouldn't have done without dreaming. All the travels and encounters with people from all over the globe that I've met and now have the chance to interview or be interviewed by. It's amazing. The dream has given me purpose, and without it, I would simply be lost.

I even doubt I would have lost 54kg without a dream! Sure, it took drive, motivation, and at times, even OCD-like dedication. But before all of that, it was a dream. Many times, I was told that I wouldn't achieve it, and for years, I didn't. People made comments like, "You're a shift worker; you won't lose weight ever," or "You should get gastric bypass surgery," or "Only a select few can lose the weight you need to." Everyone seemed to have an excuse for me, just like they have excuses for why I should stop dreaming. But you know what? I did it. I did it alone, all while dreaming. I wanted to have more fun in life. I wanted to dream more and experience the dream for the first time. And I did. The first day on the board after losing weight, I soared to a completely new level. The fire within me restored that childlike wonder.

Speaking of which, why do we lose that lack of fear and crazy imagination as we grow older? Perhaps it's because we have bills to pay. But that's not fun. I'm so happy I regained that sense of wonder because bills are boring. Look, I understand it, and I'll never judge anyone for not wanting to take risks. But for me, my mindset is different. I could die tomorrow; we all could. So why should I let money dictate what I do? If there's a chance I can have fun, even if it involves risks (trust me, eating dirt on a snowboard hurts), I'm going to have fun. I'm not telling you to do the same; that's just how I operate. I got this tattoo on my arm of a legendary Hawaiian surfer named Eddie Aikau. There's a saying in surf culture, especially in Hawaii, "Eddie would go." Whether it's to have a ball in the heaviest big waves or to help someone, it's a mantra I live by: have fun and help people.

I know not everything I talk about is for everyone, but dreaming is! You are allowed to dream; it keeps your imagination alive. It can transport you and provide mental breaks or ignite something within you to strive for. You can create something amazing that starts with a dream. Life is too short, seriously. I am immensely grateful for my dream and my story, and I will continue to dream. My dream is to continue this podcast for a very long time and help as many people find their passion as possible, regardless of their challenges. It's something I hope to achieve through life coaching, the blog, my Instagram feed—everything. I want to use my energy to uplift and inspire all of you and stay passionate about driving change. I dream that the tough conversations often avoided become normalized one day, and I dream of continuing to explore the northeast UK and the world with my incredible partner.

So don't be afraid to drift off with your desires every now and then, whether you put them into action and give them a try or not. It's normal, and it's fun. One day, your dream just might come true too. One thing you should never do is give up. Resilience is the key to everything.

Keep dreaming.


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